Active Networking
Passive Networking
Network Implementation
(Structured Cabling, Penta scanning).
Network Optimization.
Performance tuning.
Capacity Planning.

Data Center Solutions
Infra Solutions ( IBM chassis,IBM SAN).
Security Solutions (firewall, Spamming solutions).
Storage Solutions.
Power Solutions.

Voice Based Solutions.
IP pbx Solutions.
Data Solutions.
Unified Communications.
Instant Messaging (IM).
Social Media Integrations.

• Networking Solutions:

 •   Active Networking- (Router switches firewall, filtering box).
 •   Passive Networking- (Jack panel, Patch cable, Liu Box.
 •   Network Implementation -(Structured Cabling, Penta scanning).
 •   We have deep expertise in providing Network Optimization, Capacity
      Planning, Performance Tuning, Wireless Network and Network Audits.
 •   SiiS’s core expertise is in providing various Networking Solutions.
 •   We provide End-to-End designing, deployment and maintenance
       of resilient network.

• Infrastructure Solutions :

• Data Center Solutions
 –   Server Setup, Rack Mounting, Cabinets & Enclosures.
 –   Data Center End-to-End Networking
 –   Grounding & Bonding Solutions
 –   Access Security and Information Security Systems
 –   Surveillance, Video Cameras, Smoke & Fire Detection Systems
 –   UPS Redundancy Systems

• Enterprise Infra Solutions
 –    IT Audits, IT Architecture & Capacity Tuning.
 –    Asset Tracking & Management
 –    Server, Desktop & Network Setup & Management
 –    Firewall Configuration, Patch Management, SPAM filtering,
      Antivirus Solutions across Enterprise
 –    Mail and Message Management

• Security Solutions

  –    Endpoint Security Solution
  –    Network and Gateway level Security Solutions
  –    Data Leakage Protection Solution
  –    Security Cameras with Video Imaging and Archiving Systems
  –    Risk & Vulnerability Assessment.
  –    Email & Web Protection

• Storage Solutions

  –   We provide reliable products for storage and data backup management        to meet all kinds of storage needs, from a simple DAS to
       a complex SAN
  –   Migration, Backup, Recovery and Archival Solutions for
        Mission-Critical Data, Mail & Messaging

• Power Solutions

  –   We provide End-to-End Designing, Deploying and Maintenance of
       Power Solution to Small, Medium and Large Data centers
  –   UPS, Surge Protection, Harmonic Filtering, Voltage Regulation,
       Transfer Switch Solutions

• Voice Based Solutions:

  –    IP Telephony
  –    E-Mail Voice Mail
  –    Audio and Web Conferencing
  –    Unified Messaging.
  –    Instant Messaging (IM)
  –    Dialers, IVR, CRM & Social Media Integration

• Software Solutions

  –   Genuine Software From Microsoft Window OS
  –   Microsoft office product, microsoft cloud 365 & Azure.
  –   Adobe Creative Suite, Corel Products, aoto desk products like as
       Auto CAD, 3d max, Maya etc.